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Desktop, Mobile, Web… no matter the targeted platform, CEG is developing solutions for it. There seems to be an app for everything but somehow we are always approached with new ideas and spins on existing ones. We create apps that are innovative, functional, beautiful and above all – useful. In the meantime, peruse some our recent development work.


Hapzing is a Cincinnati startup who wanted to change how you manage your daily life. They came to us with an idea: track what matters the most to you. They asked us to design and develop the user experience and mobile application.

After countless late night brainstorm sessions, CEG helped deliver the Hapzing identity. This includes various Hapzing websites, a social media presence, the UI for the mobile application, business cards and email templates. We developed along with a publishing website for Hapzing users called This site allows Hapzing publishers the ability to maintain their profiles, add and edit activities and track user analytics within an intuitive user interface.

User profile page on

Most importantly we brought the idea to life with the launch of the Hapzing iOS app. Integrated with your Facebook account, Hapzing gives users the ability to discover new things to do by following your Facebook friends. Using the phones geolocation abilities, Hapzing can find places, promotions and activities right around you.

Hapzing iOS

Hapzing iPhone App

After a successful local beta launch, the Hapzing mobile app is now available in the iTunes App store. The Android version is currently in development.

With a need for the local entrepreneurial ecosystem needing too know what’s going on in the innovation community, Cintrifuse turned to the Hapzing platform to help bring life into their Startup Calendar. The Hapzing-hosted calendar has listings for various meet-ups, drink-ups, webinars, pitch weekends, happy hours, lunch and learns and seminars. The unique Month-At-A-Glance activity heat map gives users a quick overview of the month’s busiest days.

Startup Calendar

Cintrifuse Startup Calendar


Interactive Color Wheel

The “Color Wheel” is a web based reference application featuring a fully interactive wheel allowing the user to choose from several main color categories that reveal lists of flavors and fragrances specific to that color grouping. The application has the ability to track world wide trends for a particular ingredient, and with future upgrades will give users the ability to locate what products the ingredients are used within. This web app’s content is maintained simply within various SharePoint lists running on the client’s intranet.

Color Wheel Web Application

Color Wheel Web Application

Color Wheel Web Application


Account Map

Account Map is a native Windows desktop application being used by the North American Panasonic sales force. The program was developed out of sales training concepts taught by Top Gun Sales Performance. The idea is to enable the sales person to visually map company hierarchies and get realtime feedback of the sales potential or where problem areas exist. The user can add key players into a tree hierarchy, assign various scores to each person (i.e. level of buying power, are they for or against your sale and the credentials each person holds) and by running an algorithm developed out of this sales training, the map is analyzed and generates feedback for the user.

Tree View

Grid View

Node Details

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