Flat is “In”

In the last year, we’ve seen a major shift in user interface (UI) design, from 3-D realistic skeuomorphic to flat and simple. We have seen large companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple follow this design look. So is this just a passing trend or is this an evolutionary step forward in design?

Flat Design is In

Flat Design is In

The Flat Approach

Flat design is the stripping away all the unnecessary clutter like drop shadows, bevels, and textures that distract from the user experience and reverts back to the basics of design as a functional tool.

This approach is an honest interpretation of true UI design. Flat design radiates efficiency. The idea is to remove all distracting design elements and really focus on the content and your users’ goals. Use visual cues, such as a broader palette of color and typography to guide your users and help them reach their goals. Aspects of flat design forces designers to think more about leveraging great interaction with visuals to tell the whole story.

In this era of ‘flat’ design we’re compelled to consider not just visual design but explore other mediums of design like sounds and animations. The flat era of design has narrowed the constraints but surprisingly expanded our approach towards design. Everything should be designed with the same goal in mind to create a cohesive visual and functional user experience.

Why Go Flat 

In todays connected society there is a non stop flow of varying information that we are constantly processing, and that can become overwhelming. A minimalistic user-centric design approach becomes a zen like experience. With it’s clean, open space, crisp edges, bright colors and simple illustrations, flat design brings a focus back to the user experience. Less has become more, with a stronger focus on content.

With the proliferation of various connected devices, UIs need to be more fluid and scalable. A flat design aesthetic tends to lend itself to being a better fit for responsive design. The minimal approach helps reduce page weight, load times, and an overall smaller footprint.

Flat Examples 

Flat design can be found in todays most popular apps, websites, print ads and more. Some great sources for inspirational flat design experiences can be found here.







Profound Grid:




Trend or Revolution?

Flat design is “in” right now because of the focus on user experience. It’s all about the user experience everywhere. It’s tough to call flat design a trend because it’s just a common sense iteration of creating a cleaner user interface.

What do you think about flat web design? Is this something to take serious and do you see the advantages that come with this simplistic design approach? Or do you object and think it’s a trend we shouldn’t get too excited about?