FileMaker Pro

From Point Of Sales (POS) to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, CEG now offers a full range of custom database management solutions using the agile FileMaker platform from Apple. FileMaker allows us to design and develop powerful custom database solutions quickly and without sacrificing quality or flexibility.

FileMaker at CEG

FileMaker at CEG

What is FileMaker

FileMaker, an Apple subsidiary, allows us to create custom relational database solutions for managing business information on the web, iPad, iPhone, Mac or Windows. FileMaker Pro is used to streamline the way teams manage contacts, track inventory, organize projects, run reports, improve workflows, and so much more.

With just a few clicks FileMaker can run a variety of custom database reports. Charts, spreadsheets, and visual summaries can be published and shared in popular formats such as Microsoft Excel or Adobe® Acrobat® from within FileMaker. FileMaker connects to popular data sources like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL. FileMaker also allows users to easily connect their Excel data.

FileMaker delivers custom data-driven websites. With FileMaker WebDirect one has the ability to run a solution directly in a web browser. Or use the custom web publishing tools such as PHP and XML to create robust solutions that integrate and exchange data with other websites.

FileMaker allows you to take your solutions to the iPad and iPhone with FileMaker GO. Add, edit, search, sort and report on data using FileMaker GO to instantly boost productivity. FileMaker allows you to integrate bar code scanning into your FileMaker GO solutions without additional plug-ins.

FileMaker at CEG

FileMaker has become a part of our own daily processes and workflow. Our custom solution allows team members to track and manage projects, tasks, clients, assets, and calendar events in and out of the office. Hosting our centralized database on a FileMaker server gives us the ability to update client information and project notes from our iPad in real-time. With a few clicks and taps we can easily add new project photos, videos and audio directly to our assets database. The CEG leadership team can easily access executive dashboard summaries with key indicators, business metrics, and performance reviews.

The FileMaker platform gives us the ability to create custom business solutions for iPad, iPhone, desktop and the web for our clients and our own business needs. Contact us at to find out how we can make FileMaker work for you.